Sunday, April 25, 2010


Many things evoke memories. A scent, sound. Maybe for you it’s a visual cue. You see a blue dress and remember your senior prom or first car. For me, it’s wind.
Wind is the movement of gases from high to low pressure areas. That is an interesting and scientific view, but not wildly romantic. I find wind fascinating, in part, because it’s been other places before it comes to you.
Maybe that slight hint of rain carried by the wind traveled from England. Can you see Piccadilly Circus or maybe Stonehenge? If you concentrate, maybe you can smell a bit of Japan in the wind. Or Scottish malt whiskey.

Wyoming is windy today and it makes me homesick for Alaska. I swear the wind smells like Stampede Road. I can smell blueberries and feel muskeg beneath my feet.

Information about wind:

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