Sunday, April 18, 2010

Roots & Chat

People talk about “having roots.” Have you ever noticed there is more than one type of “roots”? Some people feel a strong connection with a place, leading them to call a certain city or house “home.” Others call any place home, so long as certain people reside there. I have a friend who grew up in the same house where her parents lived at the time of her birth. That house will always be home to her. My family roamed, living in various parts of this country. My home will always be wherever my family lives, regardless of location.

As an author, I think it’s important for me to know wherein my characters roots lie because it influences their personality and actions. As a daughter, mother and grandmother, understanding roots helps keep my priorities straight.

Come to the MuseItUp Publishing chat! Develop your own connection with the authors, editors, publishers and cover artists of the new publishing house, a wonderful place to put down some reading “roots.” Bring your questions and comments. Follow the link below to register for the chat.

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